How to increase email campaign performance 10x - Deep.BI & SARE at Data Commercialization Summit

On the heels of the IX DATA COMMERCIALIZATION Summit happening on October 4-5th in Warsaw, Poland, we're proud to announce that our COO Jarosław Góra and SARE CEO Dariusz Piekarski, who is one of our top clients, have spoken together about Big Data & Data Science application in e-mail marketing campaign optimisation during the VI FORUM CUSTOMER OMNIDATA.

They've presented a real world example of using Deep.BI platform to maximise marketing campaign's profitability. On this occasion by 1000%. Yup, the extra 0 is not a typo.

The project's biggest challenges were SARE's organisation strategy, resources engagement, deep understanding of 1st party data, trusting AI findings and testing models in real world. Scale was enormous too. 2 billion messages and various campaign models fueled by separated data sources.

Most of Big Data projects do not bring an expected ROI and at Deep.BI, we know that so we have designed a flexible and iterative process to drastically minimise financial risks along with the expertise we bring on Big Data, Data Science and Business Intelligence. Actionable result is our primary goal.

One of the examples is a possibility to form conclusions right off the bat, by building aggregators flexibly on Deep.BI and understanding features values and reliances. Feature engineering is roughly around 80% of workload and key factor of AI algorithm success. Acting on raw data, we've modeled the reality by choosing a proper set of behavioral, demographical and context features that fit well. We've prepared a scoring system that included dozens of features for each user individually and sourced campaign target group automatically. We've tested out four different machine learning algorithms and finally, Gradient Boosting Machine totally nailed it.

Comparative results were stunning. CTR indicator for a batch sent e-mail campaign was from 300% to 1000% higher comparing to any previous project led by SARE. [Mic drop]

Along with the successful campaign, SARE not only increased their business value but also understood their data better and identified other business areas for strategic and operational optimisation in the future.

If you're wondering how Deep.BI can help your business grow or you'd like to hear more about the project above, feel free to drop us a line here.

Pawel Blazejewski

Data Analyst & Customer Success Manager at Deep.BI


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